Welwyn Track League

FULL DETAILS: http://welwynwheelers.org.uk/track-league

Can I just turn up & ride?

NO – You will be advised by the Track School Group Coaches when they feel that you are ready & have the necessary skills to race safely. Your name will then be submitted to the Welwyn Track League organiser by Alison Lilley, Go-Ride Coach – Eastern Region stating that you are safe to race & understand track etiquette. Alternatively you can attend Welwyn Wheelers open Saturday morning sessions to complete the necessary skills.

How many cluster sessions will I need to complete before I can race in the Welwyn track league?

That will depend upon how quickly you learn new skills & repeatedly perform them well & safely. Some riders may have already developed high level riding skills in their Go-Ride club sessions prior to coming to the track sessions so may well race after attending just one block of sessions which could be just 4 weeks. Other riders may require a whole season of coaching before moving into racing.

The Group Coaches have told me that I can race in Welwyn Track League. What next?

Download & complete the Welwyn track League Registration Form & take it with you on your first night. http://welwynwheelers.org.uk/track-league

Track League Annual Registration is £10 Juniors & £5  Youths (2015)

Bike hire is £4.00 (2014) & subject to availability. Welwyn Wheelers get first priority so do not assume that you will get the same bike that you use in the cluster sessions.

On the night?
Registration/Signing-on from 6.45pm in the bike shed – Pick up a race programme when you sign on. Racing is in separate age categories starting with Youth C-B-A, then Senior B, Senior A and back to Youth, etc. If you aren’t ready for your race it will start without you!  You can warm-up on the track until a few minutes before racing commences at 7.15pm. After that you can use rollers. We recommend that you sit in the track centre so fold-up chairs are essential. It can get very cold waiting for your races so make sure you have layers of clothing & a hat. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CROSS THE TRACK WHEN RACING IS IN PROGRESS.

Racing starts: 7.15pm – For handicap races you will need to provide your own holder. TOP TIP – Leave the track centre immediately after your last race. The next event is the senior 10 mile event & takes approx 22mins to complete so you will be stuck there until it finishes.

Hot drinks & cake are available from the tea hut opposite signing-on outside of the track centre.

Finally, it would be great if you could all sit next to each other for support & friendship.