Track Accreditation

What is Track Accreditation?

Outdoor velodromes such as Herne Hill & Welwyn may require you to attain their accreditation in order to participate in their sessions. Check each venue’s requirements.

Indoor velodromes
– In order to access general training sessions riders must hold valid indoor accreditation. Attainment is through 4 assessment stages. All 4 stages must be completed at the same velodrome.  Once completed your accreditation will be recognised at all other indoorvelodromes in the UK except Calshot. If you hold a British Cycling racing licence it will be detailed on it when you renew your membership but if you need this sooner you will need to request a new card from Membership services.

How old do I have to be to complete the stages?
To access most public sessions at Lee Valley velodrome you have to be 12yr+. However, riders aged 10yrs+ can complete various stages in private club sessions or at specific after-school sessions.

I don’t want to particiapte in public sessions so why do I need accreditation?

You will need it to race in the London Youth Track league & to participate in some coaching sessions.  It is quicker to gain accreditation through public sessions (min. 12yrs) although Track School does run accreditation sessions infrequently for 10yrs+. Track School riders will be notified when these private sessions are being run.

NOTE: When winter indoor Track Sessions are oversubscribed priority may be given to riders with FULL accreditation. All Green group riders require full accreditation.

Here are some accreditation links:

Lee Valley Velodrome

Derby Velodrome