Register for FREE Lee Valley Velopark Membership


If you haven’t already registered for (free) membership at LVVP & are attending Track School integration sessions please visit:…&

Record your membership number, maybe on a sticky label, on your racing licence & bring that with you to the sessions.


Lee Valley Velo Car Parking Charges w.e.f. 25th July

Riders directly involved with our track bookings are entitled to 4 hours free parking from entering the car park. To obtain this free parking period each rider must enter their vehicle registration number into one of the venue’s terminals, one being on track centre at any time during their visit. To avoid getting a penalty charge riders must enter their vehicle registration. If a PCN ticket is issued as a rider has forgotten to or entered in their details incorrectly there is nothing the venue can do. If riders want to stay longer than four hours the parking charges and conditions will apply. You can stay for a max 2hrs after your 4 free hours but will have to pay £4 per hour for the privilege. It’s not clear what happens if you are at an event/activity all day.

Details of how to pay here:

Track School Official Tabards

To help everyone identify official helpers at Track School sessions & promote who we are, particualrly at Lee Valley velodrome, we now have our very own tabards.

These are for be worn by anyone who is not a track coach, i.e. L2 coaches, holders, gate monitors, lap board/bell assistants, bike shed ‘boys’, signing-on, etc.

MASSIVE THANKS to Justine Knight

The first Track School sessions started out back in 2012 & Justine stepped up to be its central co-ordinator in Feb 2013.

Each session in the early days were a steep learning curve & we take for granted many of things that are now in place making things look so smooth. A few of these things include the setting up & administering of the Facebook page, procedures for club co-ordinators, signing-on & bike hire processes, reconciliation of session fees & chasing coaches regarding their availability to mention but a few.

Justine’s energy & professionalism that she has brought to this role has been unwavering & she has given up so much of her time to ensure that others have a great experience at Track School.

It is, therefore, with great sadness that she is now stepping down from this role. She will of course continue to be at Track School with her family.

I’m sure you will all want to say how grateful you are for the many hours that she has given so freely to us all & helping to make Track School what it is today.


Google Survey Results

Here’s a snapshot of the Google Survey Results


• 7 = Sign on @ 7.10am

• 14 = sign on @8.10am (mainly Amber)

• 20 = either option


• NO coaches specifically choose 7.10am

• 4 coaches = 8.10am

• 4 coaches = either time

I’ll let you know the verdict very soon.

Rider Route – Great Britain Cycling Team

You may have seen an A5 white booklet called ‘Rider Route’ which contains information about Regionals Schools of Racing, Apprentices & Junior Academy which come under some of the the 3 keys stages; Foundation, Academy & Podium. It also includes some interesting facts & figures such as top cadence for Becky James is 200rpm & the number of disciplines podium riders did as youth riders too.

Now you can access this information online at