***UPDATE*** June & July will now be run as standalone sessions .

This means you can sign up to ANY SESSION regardless of which group you are in. Ideally Red group riders & novices will attend consecutive sessions to ensure you progress with your group.

Check in NOW
10th or 24th June – https://goo.gl/forms/zgiDZQRMF20exc7T2


Block 2 Requests – CLOSING THIS SUNDAY

Block 2 – 20th May, 27th May (half-term) & 3rd June (half-term)

For clarification – you do not have to attend all 3 sessions but you do need to attend consecutive sessions starting on 20th May. So, if you can only do 20th & 27th that’s fine. Green group riders doing GCSEs can request individual dates.


Block 2 – 20th May, 27th May (half-term) & 3rd June (half-term)

Request form now live. Link available from your club co-ordinator or on the Facebook page

ETS at Welwyn 2018

There have been a lot of changes over the last 18 months & ETS continues to evolve. Blocks will now be 2 or 3 sessions thereby providing more opportunities for riders to join ETS.  Newcomers with indoor track experience will no longer need to attend the ‘Integration’ sessions at LVVP in Aug/Sep in order to access the winter sessions but will still need to attend Welwyn sessions.  A general note – The inter-regional championships this year will be reverting to a combination of track and road disciplines. Youth riders wanting to represent the Region need to be highly proficient in both disciplines.

Block 1 – 29th Apr & 6th May – Open to existing riders , newcomers & novices over 10yrs.  Please check that your child meets the minimum rider standards (see Rider & Parent Downloads)All provisional subject  to coach:rider ratios, coach,track & hire bike availability. Here’s the link for parents to request a place for their child at the ETS Welwyn sessions: https://goo.gl/forms/6ULnFkd79uIyyax33

Other dates yet to be blocked:
May 20-27
June – 3-10-24
July – 8-22-29
Aug – 5-12-19-26 (all very provisional)