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Note: This is a closed group for Track School participants only

How do I join Track School?
You must be a member of one of the following Eastern Region Go-Ride clubs;
Barking & Dagenham CC, CC Ashwell, CC Hackney, Chelmer CC, Colchester Rovers, Ely & District CC, Essex Roads Club, Fenland Clarion, Green Arrow, Kings Lynn CC, LVYCC, Southend Wheelers, St Ives CC, Veralum CC
If your club is not listed, please contact:

The pathway into the Eastern Track School (ETS) sessions is as follows; 

  1. Riders from the Go-Ride clubs listed above, regardless of where they live request a place at sessions via Google Forms.
  2. Regardless of experience, riders must attend some outdoor ETS sessions held Apr-Aug at Welwyn track before they can access the indoor sessions.
  3. Each year there are a number of indoor integration sessions usually in Aug/Sep where riders without indoor experience are given the opportunity to step up to indoor sessions (Lee Valley or Derby) with existing riders in preparation for the winter season. Newcomers to ETS in the year already with indoor experiences are NOT required to attend these sessions.
  4. From Sep-Apr only existing ETS riders with indoor experience can particiapte in the indoor  Track School sessions.

Where possible ETS sessions are Blocked together to help group progression & riders must be able to attend consecutive sessions starting at week 1 of that Block.


ETS at Welwyn 2018

There have been a lot of changes over the last 18 months & ETS continues to evolve. Blocks will now be 2 or 3 sessions thereby providing more opportunities for riders to join ETS.  Newcomers with indoor track experience will no longer need to attend the ‘Integration’ sessions at LVVP in Aug/Sep in order to access the winter sessions but will still need to attend Welwyn sessions.  A general note – The inter-regional championships this year will be reverting to a combination of track and road disciplines. Youth riders wanting to represent the Region need to be highly proficient in both disciplines.

Block 1 – 29th Apr & 6th May – Open to existing riders , newcomers & novices over 10yrs.  Please check that your child meets the minimum rider standards (see Rider & Parent Downloads)All provisional subject  to coach:rider ratios, coach,track & hire bike availability. Here’s the link for parents to request a place for their child at the ETS Welwyn sessions:

Other dates yet to be blocked:
May 20-27
June – 3-10-24
July – 8-22-29
Aug – 5-12-19-26 (all very provisional)


Lee Valley Velo Car Parking Charges w.e.f. 25th July

Riders directly involved with our track bookings are entitled to 4 hours free parking from entering the car park. To obtain this free parking period each rider must enter their vehicle registration number into one of the venue’s terminals, one being on track centre at any time during their visit. To avoid getting a penalty charge riders must enter their vehicle registration. If a PCN ticket is issued as a rider has forgotten to or entered in their details incorrectly there is nothing the venue can do. If riders want to stay longer than four hours the parking charges and conditions will apply. You can stay for a max 2hrs after your 4 free hours but will have to pay £4 per hour for the privilege. It’s not clear what happens if you are at an event/activity all day.

Details of how to pay here: